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About Contact Center

The heart of MRI Botswana’s service is the network of 24 hours Call Centre (Alarm Centre) which is the nucleus of its expertise, information and care. For its growth strategy, MRI chose to diversify into the provision of Outsourced Call Centre businesses as the processes are similar to the ones employed in their core business which is dependent on Call Centre expertise. MRI Botswana has experienced significant growth since its inception in 1992 and has become a household name positioning itself as the first port of call in an emergency situation. MRIB’s impressive growth rate has been the function of its quality of service both at Call Centre level as well as fast and efficient ways in which Call Centre staff respond to client problems resulting in customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention. In MRI our call centre staffing is driven by the nature of service to be rendered.

Why Us

The MRI Contact Centre provides customised contact centre services to meet the requirements of our diverse customer base and provides the following call centre services: Health Call Centres; Service Call Centres and Outsourced Call Centres. The contact centre operates 24/7/365 and the services are provided by Professional Nursing Staff, Professional Counsellors, Emergency Medical Dispatchers and Coordinating Agents.



1. How long has your company provided call centre services?

MRI has over 20 years experience in managing both in-house and outsourced call centres.

2. Does your contact centre support 24/7 operations?

Yes our contact centre operates on a 24/7 basis.

3. What is the current workstation capacity and call volume?

Currently MRI has a workstation capacity of 35 seats.

4. Where is your contact centre located?

MRI is currently situated at Plot 20623, Block 3, Cnr. Samedupe Rd and Ramakukane Way. However we will soon be moving to our new building situated in Block 7 opposite Baisago College.

5. What industries do you support?

MRI has extensive experience with industries including emergency medical services, telecommunications, as well as health and support services.

6. Are your contact centre workstations multichannel enabled?

Yes, our work stations are 100% web-enabled with the ability to handle inbound and outbound voice calls, email response, live web chat, social media and interactive voice response (IVR) services.

7. Do your agents receive continuing training throughout the year?

One of our core objectives is to consistently provide ongoing training for both our agents and our team supervisors throughout the year.

8. What type of training programs are in place that are required by your agents prior to taking client calls?

Every agent goes through intensive new-hire training focusing on soft-skills and personal development. Additionally, all agents go through client specific training before taking program calls. Client specific training varies based on each client’s goals and objectives. All agents must pass written exams and certification testing before taking live program calls. All training is developed with participation from our clients to ensure that all critical information and goals and objectives are clearly understood.

9. Do you have equipment to support remote call monitoring?

Yes, MRI has the capability to offer our clients fully automated remote monitoring, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All clients are assigned a password that allows them to monitor their program. We prefer to conduct weekly or bi-weekly conference call monitoring sessions with our clients. The goal of the sessions is to assure that we are providing outstanding customer service and sales support and achieving desired goals and objectives. Having the quality assurance; as well as effective and immediate feedback. In addition to our remote monitoring capabilities, we also have the ability to digitally record all calls for enhanced quality.