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The goal of the PALS provider course is to improve recognition, treatment, and outcome of a seriously ill or injured child. The course provides a systematic approach to the assessment and treatment of the seriously ill or injured child. The PALS provider course offers a universally agreed and standardised approach which it is hoped it will facilitate training and communication among healthcare providers and improve outcomes. This course is also accredited to the American Academy of Paediatrics. The delivery of the course is also video based with simulated interactive cases where everyone participates. Prior preparation by way of studying is mandatory.


Target group & Pre Requisite

This course is designed for nurses, doctors, paramedics, doctors’ assistants, registrars, medical and nursing students and all medical allied personnel who possess a BLS certificate.


2 days



At the end of the training, the student’s understanding will be assessed through the following assessments;

Theory; the student is expected to get 84% and above

Practical; the student is expected to get 100%



On successful completion, participants will be issued with American Heart Association PALS cards which will be valid for 2 years.

Pediatric advanced life support