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MRI offers occupational health services depending on the client’s needs; and the service can be offered on site as well as in smaller operations these can be done offsite and MRI’s role would be to ensure compliance and archiving of the medical information of the employees. The occupational health services involve:

  • Health screening: pre-, post-employment and on-going medical screening
  • Health promotion: conduct necessary health educational programs to prevent disease and promote general wellbeing
  • Provide support for the establishment of appropriate occupational health and safety policy within the work place e.g. Referral system, absenteeism, drug and alcohol abuse, HIV&AIDS
  • Provide the knowledge and skills for workplace health, safety and return to work programs through training of staff (Wellness coordinators, Wellness Champions)
  • Provide support for the development of a risk management plan through risk assessments and risk control Hierarchy
  • Increase productivity through embedded health programming within the organization and therefore reducing costs due to sickness absence, lost production and personal injury or illness.
  • Provide Ergonomics Assessment and Evaluations in the Workplace and putting into place solutions and interventions to manage any Occupational Health and Safety Risks
  • Manage return to work rehabilitation programs after illness or injury as well as incorporating those employees with disabilities into the workplace
  • Dealing with workplace "issues" such as infection control, stress, chemical exposure or clusters of reported illness.
  • Expert interpretation of health and safety information and incorporating legal developments into Company health and safety policies.
  • Health surveillance: Statutory health surveillance and monitoring of hazards - biological, chemical and physical hazards
Occupational Health Care