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About Onsite Health

MRI ONSITE is an onsite health management solution tailor made for Botswana’s environment and specific to each client’s needs. MRI onsite health management is most suitable in remote areas, mining and construction sites, learning institutions and corporate companies. MRI Onsite teams comprising of experienced Medical doctors, Registered Nurses, and Paramedics are on hand to provide emergency medical and acute supportive care to employees 24 hours a day for 365 days a year. The MRI onsite healthcare teams also deliver 24 hour emergency care from well-equipped onsite clinics, render initial and follow up treatment of injuries and illnesses, and assist with Return-to-Work contractor programs with follow up of referred clients facilitated by experienced call centre medical staff based in Gaborone.           

  • The main aim and objective of our onsite services are:
  • Delivering immediate/initial work related injury/illness and emergency care (response, resuscitation and stabilization) to all personnel (employees and contractors).
  • Providing stabilization and “staging point” or centre from which medical emergency evacuations from site location to other medical facilities (locally, regionally or internationally) where further treatment should be performed – according to the medical condition of the patient.   
  • Providing a point of contact with “24-hour” access to an emergency alarm centre and emergency response mechanism for project medical advice, 2nd opinion consultations, guidance, specialist referrals and coordination of emergency evacuations from site.
  • Providing a resource facility for on-site Health & Hygiene checks, First Aid & Safety training, toolbox talks, health promotion and awareness campaigns (e.g. Malaria, HIV/AIDS /STD’s, disease prevention & management etc.). 
  • Facilitating and conducting limited diagnostic screening, e.g. drug & alcohol, disease, etc.

Why Us

MRI Botswana is the largest emergency medical services provider in Botswana. Our core activities include Air and Ground Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and the management of Remote Site medical operations. MRI has been in operation in Botswana since 1992 (20 years) and currently has four bases distributed throughout Botswana in Gaborone, Palapye, Francistown and Maun.

MRI onsite offers the following benefits to our clientele:

  • Allows company to focus on core business.
  • MRI has the experience and expertise to look after health matters.
  • Easy procurement of medical equipment and consumables.
  • MRI understands the business of mining, manufacturing, construction and institutions of learning and therefore can fare well within any business structure.
  • Comprehensive occupational health management programs.
  • Reduction in operational costs.
  • Access to emergency evacuation.
  • Peace of mind.


A mining Company in the southeast of Botswana.


Water for the mine and the associated township is extracted from an underground well field some 50 kms north of the mine. Water is extracted from many individual boreholes to a main pump station and then pumped to the mining town. Phase 1 (2010 to 2012) of the Water Supply Upgrade Project was the replacement of a defective main steel pipeline. Phase 2 (2012 to present day) is the enhancement of water supply via 6 new boreholes.


As the sites are remote from Mine Medical Facilities and also Botswana Government Facilities, we contracted MRI to provide first aid health cover via a mobile fully equipped 4 x 4 vehicle.

Fortunately the cases dealt with have been minor first aid issues with no long term problem. However we were always conscious that early medical intervention is critical for worker well-being and rapid appropriate response.

We would like to confirm our appreciation of the excellent service provided by MRI Botswana and to our unreserved recommendation for this type of remote health service provision.


1. What level of medical personnel do you provide on remote sites?

The resources provided are customized to clients needs. This means that it depends from client to client, but also most importantly on the remoteness of the site, the number of employees on site. The highest level of personnel that could be found at a site is a Doctor and the lowest is an Intermediate Life Support paramedic.

2. What other services do you provide in remote sites?

MRI provides the following services to remote site clients:

  • First Aid Training.
  • Occupational health services.
  • Health education and promotion services.

3. How do your services differ from other service providers who provide similar services?

MRI has a holistic approach to health care. Our medics on sites are not limited to emergencies and primary health care; they also complement the safety and health teams onsite. They undertake health and safety inspections onsite.