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Prime Health Travel Medicine clinic specialize in providing individuals, children and families with travel information, vaccinations, travel suppliers and related medical services to travellers.  Our integrated team comprises of doctors, paramedics and nurses with a broad range of experience and interest in travel medicine and emergency medical care.

  • Our clinic offers a complete range of vaccinations for international travel, as well as a selection of travel health accessories such as mosquito nets, repellents, first aid kits and water purification products.
  • We are committed to providing business and pleasure travellers with the highest level of service and expertise.
  • Prime Health Travel Medicine clinic is part of the largest integrated healthcare service provider in Botswana, MRI Botswana.
  • MRI Botswana, which has been operating since 1992, has a wealth of experience and expertise in the health services sector through the provision of various health services around the country and internationally through the various MRI Botswana services.
  • Prime Health Travel Medicine clinic enables you to worry about what you do best, and leave us to take care of all your medical needs as a traveller. As Prime Health Travel clinic, we look take care of the health questions for you….

                How to prepare for your destination?

Have you obtained health information to travel in tropical or developing countries?

                Have you received all required or recommended travel vaccines?

                Have you inquired about protection against malaria?

                Are you aware of how you protect yourself against food and water-borne diseases?

                Are you equipped to handle medical emergencies or injuries while travelling?


Our travel clinic is your complete one-stop travel clinic for all your international medical health needs. Our experienced health care professionals are proud to provide our clients with comprehensive travel consultations.

Consultations are customized based on the type of travel you are doing, your medical history and risk assessment for your travel destinations

We review previous vaccine history and can bring you up to date with both essential and non-essential travel vaccines.

The travel consultation also considers prevention methods for health risks that cannot be prevented by vaccines; we take the time to adapt the consultation to each traveller’s specific needs.

Prescriptions can be obtained from the doctor's clinic during the same visit for a fee, and filled out within the same premises through our onsite full service pharmacy and a well-stocked travel section for a true one stop shop travel preparation experience.

Sir Seretse Khama International Airport

Unit 142 & 143, Gaborone

Tel: 318 7959

Fax:316 4728

24hour line: 364 6565


Travel Medicine Clinic